Choose Tech website and Best category Techsites

How to choose techsites

Friends on the technology side have a lot of Tech sites categories like your technology site, all categories go into it. Phone reviews come very relieved from mobile reviews, but you have to choose the smallest sub category on which few people come  But your earning will be high and there will be a lot of traffic
All these categories are also called niche categories. So you choose Niche category website

You have to use a good website. In tech  category, you have to use the Oak Google Ad Keyword Planner. I also tell you how to do it..

Steps to go keyword planner –
1. Go to site
2. login with your gmail account
3.Top Right bar you see Tools & Settings  button just click right on planning button
5. After clicking you see Keyword planner
6. Search your key word and get results.

Now you can find a relayed website from Technology here and make a site on the topic you find the most traffic website

Publish 20 posts to the topic on which you have created a website?
You can also write 3 pages in the same category of your site name

Just your tech sites are ready so your website will also get traffic and earning too much

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